We are answering impossibility’s call.

Nexcyon is advancing veterinary medicine and improving the quality of life for companion animals around the world.

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This is the art of entelechy.

The point where possibility meets determination and potential is fully realized.

It's a place without tape or glue or shortcuts. Where scientific solutions present an elegant simplicity–and contain hidden complexity.

Hard work, ingenuity and the accumulated lessons taught by thoughtful analysis and adventurous curiosity. Like origami, we believe transformative scientific discovery is a sum made greater by its parts.


Interesting things happen at the edge of what’s imaginable.

An independent pharmaceuticals company, Nexcyon meets the challenge of breakthrough science with true innovation, creativity and a holistic approach to the research and development of new medicines, delivery systems and therapeutics.

One thing we’ve learned: discovery does not stop to consider the odds.


Our success is built at the bench. And our understanding advances with every experiment.

Explore our selected list of peer-reviewed scientific and medical journal articles, all authored by Nexcyon scientists.


Our historic new headquarters is at the center of a burgeoning biotech hotspot, in the heart of one of the Midwest’s most beautiful cities.

Historic photo of Nexcyon office building

Built on an isthmus between Lakes Monona and Mendota, Madison, Wisconsin, is a capital city blessed with incredible natural beauty, a major university and a vibrant creative culture. It also boasts the fastest growing biotech community in the country, according to Battelle/BIO’s 2012 State Bioscience Industry Development report.

A global company, Nexcyon maintains offices in London, UK, and strategic partnerships throughout North America, Western Europe, Australia and New Zealand.


Revolutionizing tomorrow doesn’t happen overnight.

Long-term collaborations.
Lasting innovations.

At Nexcyon, we work closely with the world’s leading biotech and pharmaceutical companies to find new therapies that address the underserved areas of veterinary medicine. Our expertise, resources and proven track record make us the perfect partner for bringing innovative products to market–including new small molecules, biopharmaceuticals, novel delivery technologies and devices, even existing products that could be adapted for animal health use.

We are currently interested in acquiring products that have already been approved or are still in development. We are also open to in-licensing or forming a collaborative arrangement to obtain veterinary claims and provide a revenue stream for your business.

Start the conversation. Contact Irene Clark at 608.210.8060 or partner@nexcyon.com today.


Join the journey.

Be a part of our vision for the future.
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